The EMO family of clamps meets a broad range of load capacity requirements. All clamps are designed to meet load, safety, and mounting requirements of shops, pubs, discotheques, stages, mobile applications, concerts, theaters, and just about any other light mounting requirement that comes to mind.

EMO researched and developed the 'Quick' release bolt series of clamps. This series provides an easy way to setup or remove clamps from fixtures. The specially designed, quick release bolt ensures safe and quick operation.

The CL-09 clamp is designed specifically for mobile and concert applications. The quick screw-in bolt provides and easy way to setup or remove the clamp from a truss or pipe. The 'quick bolt' latch makes it easy to quickly detach the clamp from fixture.

All EMO clamps are manufactured under strict, quality-controlled conditions. Our R & D engineers are always available to assist customers wanting specialty clamps for unusual or unique applications.
Our 3-pin and 19-pin connectors are designed to be 100% compatible with stage lighting fixtures and extension cords.

The 19-pin connectors' heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy shell offers a long service life under the most demanding circumstances. All contacts are made of alloy brass and covered with a 24k gold coating to ensure perfect connections.

All 19-pin connectors are Socapex compatible.