EMO is the manufacturer of a complete line of professional disco lighting products. EMO offers a complete line of products ranging from 4515 Pin Spots to high quality intelligent lighting components. EMO research and development engineers are always researching new lighting technologies and concepts to stay ahead of our customers' needs and expectations for the latest in high quality lighting equipment.

EMO electronic engineers design, manufacture, and install only the highest quality micro-controller components. These designs are based on readily available standard components resulting in lower costs across our entire product line.

There is no 'minimum quantity' for customers with special orders. We welcome all inquiries. You will be surprised at what we can do for you!

EMO understands there is ONLY one way to help our customers and beat our competitors! Always spending our time researching the market to offer our customers the newest, latest, and most innovative products. Creating and maintaining long term business relationships with satisfied customers is our ONLY goal!