The EMO family of Par Cans has been manufactured for over 13 years. Our monthly production capacity can exceed 10,000 pieces. These Par Cans offer very high quality for any professional use, but with a price that can satisfy anyone's needs. EMO offers OEM and ODM pricing for all overseas customers.

EMO Par Cans are manufactured under stringent, 100% quality controlled conditions. EMO uses 'rolling press' machinery (and NOT 'span' machines) for production of all models to ensure precise adherence to all specifications and tolerances. This results in our Par Cans having much stronger walls. The stronger wall greatly increases service use and the life span of all our Par Can products.


Par64 bars are designed to meet the needs of the concert and mobile markets. We offer two models: a 4-light bar, and a 6-light bar. Both are wired in series.

The PB-604 AC bar is designed for use with 28V aircraft bulbs. Aircraft lamps create a very narrow light beam. The bar is wired in series to a 120V power supply and is designed with concert and mobile markets in mind.
The 19-pin connector is attached directly to the side of the bar. The PB-604 and PB-606 models are pre-wired for 4 circuit and 6 circuit operation. All are designed for easy use!

Par56 cans can also be used!

We welcome special dimension and special wiring inquiries by OEM and ODM customers.
The Par36 Punch lights are designed for use with the full available range of Par36 bulbs. Wiring terminal blocks can be easily modified to accommodate all kinds of Par36 bulbs. These lights are very easy to use!

Our Par36 Punch lights come in two different unit configurations. The fixture can be mounted at any angle. The detachable lamp safety screen offers quick access for quick bulb maintenance.

Two-way or four-way barn doors are available at extra cost.

Our Par36 Punch lights are designed specifically to meet the mobile, stage, concert, and studio markets.
Compatible GE Projector Lamps - Par36:

13V/100W - 4509/VNSP
13V/100W - 4509X(12)/VNSP
13V/100W - 4595/VNSP
28V/100W - 4591/VNSP
28V/100W - 4594/VNSP
120V/650W - DWE/MFL/3200K
120V/650W - FAY/SP/5000K
120V/650W - FBE/SP/5000K
120V/650W - FBI/SP/3400K
120V/650W - FBO/SP/3400K
120V/650W - FCW/MFL/3400K
120V/650W - FCX/MFL/3200K
120V/650W - FGK/NFL/5000K